Choker with gemstone nuggets and bali beads strung on silver wire. The leather cord can be adjusted to fit. Pictured is a sodalite center nugget with moss agate and african bloodstone. Each choker is different depending on stones available. $25-$30.

Wire wrapped crystal. This example is an amethyst crystal wrapped in sterling silver. Crystal is approximate. 1.75''x.75''. Various crystals available. Price will vary depending on type of crystal and size. $20-$35 sterling, 14k gold fill slightly higher.

I can also wrap a crystal you may have. Inquire for details.

Thorin's Stone necklace - clear quartz stone with rust and moss green inclusions. Beads on sterling link chain are carnelian and moss agate. Chain links are all handmade. Named after my tabby cat who is the same color as the rust in the stone. $120.
Deep carnelian stone (40x30mm) wrapped in sterling with Bali bead accents. Bed trim in carnelian and iolite. $60.
Blue lace agate geode with lapis lazuli and sterling bead dangle. Pendant is 1 3/4' x 1". $44.
Mardi Gras necklace. Handmade link chain with lepidolite, carnelian and citrine beads suspend a purple agate stone. Below the stone is a silver pentagram. $95.
Moukaite jasper donut (40mm) w/ lace agate and yellow moss agate bead dangles, goddess charm. Wire is 14k gold fill. $34.
Rainforest jasper donut (30mm) w/ fancy jasper bead dangles & goddess charm. $27.
Picture jasper necklace. 14k gold fill wire with leather neck cord. Cord can be adjusted to fit wearer. $48.
Azurite with malachite gemstone (30mm round) with woven silver trim. $27.
Black fossil stone (25mm) pendant with gemstone chip trim. On a leather cord. $16.
Rhodonite donut (40mm) pendant. Dark pink tourmaline bead dangles with celtic knot trim. $35.

Rose quartz donut pendant (40mm). Rose quartz bead dangles with goddess charm. $32.


Cherry quartz donut pendant (45mm). Beaded dangles are made with red agate, lace agate and a poppy jasper nugget. $32.
Blue sodalite pendant wrapped in sterling with white agate bead. Approx. 30x35mm. $45.

Pendants & Necklaces