Rose Quartz chandelier earrings. Style can be made with other stones. $22.00
Celtic "A" style earrings. Shown with carnelian. Can be made with different stones. $20.00
Cara earrings. Russian amazonite shown, different gemstones available. $20.00
Double Pieced Look. Unique look for those with only one piercing. Insert and position so earring lies along the edge of your ear. Pictured gemstones -green aventurine and amethyst. $18.00
Gemstone drops w/Bali bead cone tops.
Mardi Gras loop earrings. gemstones are lepidolite, carnelian and citrine. Matches Mardi Gras necklace. $17.00
Rhodonite baby donut earrings. $17.00
Purple lace agate and amethyst bead earrings. $20.00
Lace agate and black tourmaline earrings. $18.00
Silver Bali triangles with carnelian and iolite beads. $25.00
Carnelian bangle. Size medium. $26.00
Rhodocrusite bangle. Size small. $25.00
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