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    Thorin's Stone                            Amethyst Crystal                     Sodalite, Bloodstone &                                                                                                                      Moss Agate Choker
Here you will find wire-wrapped jewelry made from semi-precious gemstones and sterling silver or 14k gold-filled wire.
Nature provides us with an abundance of treasure from the earth. Stones with an incredible array of colors and patterns, silver and gold. Combined these elements can be made into incredible pieces of jewelry. 
Many cultures believe that stones have various healing properties and wearing jewelry made from them can enhance health and well-being. 
Most of pendants and necklaces you will see here are one of a kind. Depending on the gemstones and beads available, I may be able to replicate some things or make them in a different color. This would be true mainly for earrings and donut pendants. Contact me to see what is available.
I have many stones that have not yet found their way into a piece of jewelry. Please do not hesitate to inquire as to what is available.  I would enjoy working with you to design your own unique item.
To make a purchase or if you would like more information, please e-mail me at gemstone@gemstonedelights.com.
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